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How do you find the best-fit school, prepare an outstanding application and navigate financial aid and scholarships?

With so many schools to choose from and so many factors to consider, how do you narrow the field and identify what really matters to you?

From what school to attend, deciding on a major, to what type of degree to get and how to pay for school, you need insightful, creditable information, advice and tools to make the right decisions.

Our Services

 Choose a College Match Program to find your student's best fit school, submit outstanding applications and qualify for financial aid and scholarships.

Our College Match Programs

  • Premium: is for the family who wants a comprehensive college counseling program.

  • Standard: is designed for the family who wants some guidance but will take on the majority of the college search themselves.

  • Liteis set-up for the family who wants to take on the college selection and application process themselves.

Successful college students, who graduate, find jobs or enter graduate school, have a common trait. They found their best fit school where they were actively involved in their learning. They started their college search by developing a list of schools that met their academic qualifications and personal interests.

Our College Match programs come with our eBook A2C Guide to the College Admission Process and access to our StudentPrep software that eliminates the guess work and builds a student's list of best fit schools. 

  • Move beyond using only your student's GPA and test scores to build a list of schools and start the college admission process off right, knowing your student's real chances of admission. 
  • For parents, enter your financial information and StudentPrep calculates a realistic estimate of what a college will actually cost you.

Start your college search with realistic expectations of being admitted to a school and knowing your costs.

College Match Bonus Package: If your student needs to boost their test scores or just wants to practice taking the SAT or ACT, your access to StudentPrep includes SAT & ACT test prep courses at no addition cost.

A2C is a private, independent college counseling practice helping your student discover and gain acceptance to the college or university of their choice.

“We were overwhelmed and anxious as we entered the college search, and we are so very grateful for the vast experience and thoughtful, reassuring guidance provided by admission2college. We wholeheartedly recommend them to our friends and family, and will be working with them again when our younger daughter is ready to begin her college journey.”
— Happy Parent


admission2college's approach to college admission counseling comes from our sincere belief how a college education changes and influence lives, and how selecting the right college or university opens up incredible life-long opportunities.

We know the realities of balancing your student's wishes and dreams with selecting a school, being admitted and paying tuition. As a parent, you end up dealing head on with all the issues and concerns that come up during the college search, application and financial aid processes. It's our job helping you balance the wishes and dreams with the realities.

Our promise to you is we have your son or daughter’s, and your, best interests in mind as we work together.

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“The admission2college counselors have a remarkable depth of knowledge from their extensive experience on both sides of the college admissions process. Their guidance helped us understand the complexities of college selection, admissions, financial assistance, testing, and essays."

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