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Since 2012 A2C is proud to have help students apply and be admitted to 100s of colleges. Among them...
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At admission2college helping families prepare and make one of life’s most important, and costly decisions...finding, applying and paying for college is what we do.  

Here’s how.

With our College Match Advantage Program (COLLEGEmap) you have access to our full scope of admissions expertise, strategic advice, college search & planning software and support to maximize your student's college choices and options and help you make the best decisions.

With COLLEGEmap you will:

best-fit schools

Put together a comprehensive list of best-fit-schools that match your academic and personal profiles and isn't based just on your GPA and test scores as all other college search programs do. 

academic & personal profiles

Know your chances of admission before you apply by comparing your academic and personal profiles against the most recently admitted freshman at schools you’ve selected.

sat & act tests

Raise your SAT & ACT test scores by prepping for them online anytime, anywhere with ePrep, our online test prep service at a fraction of the cost of other services. Available through your StudentPrep account. 

real costs

Know your estimated real costs of the colleges you select before you apply, taking into account scholarships and financial aid awards.

your essay

Craft a compelling college essay to boost your chances of admission. Submit your essay and writing supplements for our review.

college planning software

Have access to our StudentPrep software the most comprehensive college search and planning software available to students and parents.

No need to spend thousands of dollars on private tutors or counselors to gain key insights into the college admission process. Our Collegemap program includes StudentPrep, a one of a kind, comprehensive college planning software tool designed by admission and financial aid experts from Princeton University that includes SAT & ACT test prep courses. 

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Our Services

Our College Match Advantage Program (COLLEGEmap) includes:

  • Our exclusive eBook, The Process: The College Match Advantage Insider's Guide to College Admissions.
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Unlike any other college admission guide our 56-page easy to read ebook has everything you need to successfully navigate the college admissions process and prepare an outstanding application. Written by our college admission experts The Process takes you through the process step by step and includes helpful and insightful advice and tips that only come from years of working in college admission offices. You will build a best-fit college list, understand the college application process, write a compelling college essay, learn about financial aid, merit scholarships and much more. 




  • Access to our StudentPrep software eliminates the guess work
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Build your list of best fit colleges and see your chances of admission to schools you select by using not only your GPA and test scores as virtually every high school college counselor and guidebook does. Instead, with StudentPrep you use the same 12 admission variables as college admission offices use to evaluate your application and make their admission decisions.

For parents, by entering your financial information StudentPrep calculates a realistic estimate of what a college will actually cost you.


  • College Match Advantage SAT or ACT Test Prep Package
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Boost your test scores or practice taking the SAT or ACT. Have unlimited access to our online video based SAT & ACT test prep courses provide by ePrep and included in your StudentPrep software.

Successful college students who graduate, find jobs or enter graduate school have a common trait.
They found their best fit school where they were actively involved and engaged in their learning.
They accomplished this by developing a list of schools that met their academic qualifications and personal interests.
Get started with The College Match Advantage Program (COLLEGEmap).
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A2C is a private, independent college counseling practice helping your student discover and gain acceptance to the college or university of their choice.

“We were overwhelmed and anxious as we entered the college search, and we are so very grateful for the vast experience and thoughtful, reassuring guidance provided by admission2college. We wholeheartedly recommend them to our friends and family, and will be working with them again when our younger daughter is ready to begin her college journey.”
— Happy Parent