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At admission2college we know that with the right resources and information you and your student can navigate the college admission process on your own.

The College Match Advantage Program has everything you need to successfully complete the college admission process.

High school college counselors, and some independent private counselors, often have limited resources, time and experience in college admissions.

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  • The national average for public high schools is 450 students to 1 college counselor!

  • It has been reported that a typical student will only see their counselor for 38 minutes altogether over the course of four years in high school!


This results in students and parents not having information and resources they need to make such an important decision.

That’s why we’ve created the College Match Advantage Program so you have the tools, information and resources to make well informed decisions throughout the college admissions process.

Our affordable College Match Advantage Program is grounded in our belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to have the best information and resources available when the making the all-important decisions on where to apply and attend college.