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Be more in control of your college search and less at the mercy of a schools’ admissions decisions

Based on your student’s academic and personal profile, StudentPrep crafts a balanced list of schools that meet your student’s best fit college specifications academically, socially and financially.

StudentPrep calculates if your student meets a school’s admissions requirements by comparing their academic and personal information against the student profile of the school’s most recent freshman class.

Could the private school really cost less than the state school?

StudentPrep estimates the real costs of schools

StudentPrep provides parents with an estimate of a school’s real costs, taking into account any financial aid and scholarships you might qualify for allowing you to actually compare costs of schools on your students best fit college list.


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StudentPrep can be purchased separately or is included in our College Match Plans

And there's even more help to reach your college goals!

Enjoy the time saving flexibility of full-length SAT and ACT practice tests that you can take whenever and wherever it’s convenient.

Test prep courses are included in your StudentPrep account at a fraction of the cost of other online test prep providers.

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