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Mike was an invaluable help to our family as we navigated the college selection and admissions journey for the first time. Mike’s style is very positive and reassuring. He has a remarkable depth of knowledge from his extensive experience on both sides of the college admissions process, and his guidance helped us understand the complexities of college selection, admissions, financial assistance, testing, and essays.
— Happy Parent
Mike was an excellent resource for us throughout the college search process. It was extremely helpful to have an experienced professional who understood all of the facets of applications and admissions and was able to help us narrow our search for the right institutions for our daughter. Further, his prompt response to my anxious questions was greatly appreciated. We were very pleased with the advice we received and heartily recommend him to our friends and colleagues.
He guided our daughter through several rounds of essay revisions. When she was accepted into her top-choice school, the acceptance letter specifically mentioned her essay!

Watching Mike work with our daughter was amazing, opening her mind to all the options and choices for schools. Form his years in the field of college admissions he knows the college admissions system inside and out and it was comforting to have him in “our corner” when our daughter were going through the process.
Mike is very knowledgeable and his understanding and insight into the how best to handle the application process, apply for financial aid and scholarships put our minds at ease.”

"Mike is extremely efficient, offering exactly the support we needed. Our daughter is a good student and a motivated applicant. We knew we needed support through the college admissions process, but we were reluctant to work with counselors who offer expensive, comprehensive packages. Mike’s services were exactly what we needed.

Mike was wonderful to work with. Warm, personable and responsive. He made the process less daunting. Mike listened very carefully to our daughter’s needs and wants from a school and worked with her to help her make a plan. He helped her identify the colleges, organize a time line (including test taking), and read through her essays, all taking Mom and Dad off the front lines making for an easier process. He also offered excellent advice and direction for financial aid and scholarships.
— Relieved Parents
We were overwhelmed and anxious as we entered the college search, and we are so very grateful for Mike’s vast experience and thoughtful, reassuring guidance. We wholeheartedly recommend Mike to our friends and family, and will be working with him again when our younger daughter is ready to begin her college journey