build Your Academic and Personal Profiles

Here's How

Your college applications are your academic record and personal profile from which college admission officers make admission decisions.  Depending on where you apply, most schools will use more than your level of high school courses, GPA and SAT/ACT test scores to make their decision. 

Many use anywhere from 12-20 academic and personal factors in their admissions decisions.

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So, along with your academic record schools take into account:

  • School activities

  • Volunteer work

  • Special talents in the arts or athletics

  • Ethnicity

  • If you are the first in your family to attend college

  • Personal circumstance that may have impacted your high school performance inside and outside of the classroom.


So how does StudentPrep use your academic record and personal information?

StudentPrep takes into consideration all of it when you are building your best-fit schools list.

Your profiles are compared to the academic records and personal profiles of the most recently admitted students at schools you’ve selected, using current admissions data collected directly from each college and university.

You build you list of schools knowing your real chances of admission.  


Your personal profile is built on your:

  • Strength and level of involvement in activities in and outside of school and/or volunteering. (You rate yourself)

  • Talents: dance, debate, visual arts, etc.

  • How your teachers and counselors would describe you in letters of recommendation. (Your rate yourself)

  •  Ethnicity

  •  Responsibilities such as having a job or family responsibilities that may have impacted your academics or limited your participation in activities


Ok, we have to repeat ourselves because it’s important you get this!

StudentPrep takes into consideration ALL the factors that an admission committee considers in making their admission decision to admit or deny you.

No other college planning or search software does this…


Your academic profile is built on your:

  • Grade point average, unweighted (GPA)

  • Class rank if used at your high school

  • SAT or ACT test scores

  • SAT Subject test scores

  • Level of academics (regular, college-level, honors, Advancement Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) courses)

  • School, regional or national academic awards