Somewhere along the line, parents were given the idea that the only way our children will be “successful” is if they attend Ivy League schools with huge price tags. That the only way we will be able to pat ourselves on the back for a job well done is if our kid is standing on a stage holding a four-year degree and giving us the thumbs up.

Use Your PreACT, PSAT Performance to Choose a College Entrance Exam

Choosing between the ACT and SAT is a pivotal decision that all college-bound high school students must make. One of the key steps in reaching an informed decision is to sit for an official practice test – the PreACT or PSAT – which give you a better idea of what to expect when you take the official college entrance exams.

Ethical College Admissions: Do Campus Visits Have Value?

Is visiting college campuses an essential part of the college search or a waste of time?

That question was raised in a recent “Living With Children” column by John Rosemond, the family psychologist, syndicated columnist and host of a radio show on parenting with the apt name Because I Said So!