Give Your Teen the Gift of College Success for the Holidays

This holiday season give your high school student a truly unique and thoughtful gift experience

Our College Match Advantage Program, is a gift that invests in their future and will benefit them for a lifetime.

The college admission process is a stressful, complex and expensive proposition. Often one of the most difficult processes parents and students go through as a family, emotionally and financially. Our program eliminates the stress and confusion and puts you in control of the process.

Create happy memories of a successful college application process and last longer than traditional gifts.

At admission2college helping families prepare and make one of life’s most important, and costly decisions...finding, applying and paying for college is what we do.

With our College Match Advantage Program, there is no need to spend thousands of dollars on private tutors or counselors to gain key insights into the college admission process.

We were overwhelmed and anxious as we entered the college search, and we are so very grateful for admission2college’s vast experience and thoughtful, reassuring guidance. We wholeheartedly recommend admission2college to our friends and family, and will be working with them again when our younger daughter is ready to begin her college journey.
— Karen B. – Denver, CO Parent


Why The College Match Advantage Program?

With the national average in high schools of 450 students to 1 college counselor and the typical student only seeing their counselor for 38 minutes altogether over the course of four years in high school, students and families aren’t getting the advice and information they need to make well-informed decisions.

At admission2college we know the impact of accurate and timely information and advice; from finding the best fit school, to staying in school, graduating and finding a job or going on to graduate or professional school. We want your student to have the advantage. 

Our College Match Advantage Program (COLLEGEmap) is a unique program, develop exclusively by admission2college, that offers access to our full scope of admissions expertise, strategic advice, college search & planning software and support to maximize your student's college choices and options and help you make the best decisions.


What does The College Match Advantage Program include?

Th program empowers students and parents with:

  • Our 56-page easy to read step by step ebook, The Process, written by admission2college experts, informs and explains the college admission process, so you navigate it with confidence.
  • Access to StudentPrep, a one of a kind college search and school selection software (designed by admission and financial aid experts from Princeton University) that helps your student identify and select schools to apply to that meet their academic and personal profiles by comparing them to the most recent admitted freshman to schools they’ve selected.
  • SAT and ACT test prep courses validated as one of the top test prep programs in the country, currently in over 1500 learning centers across the U.S.
  • Our secure financial aid feature where families can enter their financial information and compare schools based on which is the best financial fit for them. Discover previously missed school opportunities and understand the potential financial challenges some schools my present.    
  • 24/7 access to our program fits the busy schedules of high school students.


What you learn with your student using The College Match Program? 

Determine your student’s college readiness before they apply. Know if they meet the academic and other key categories (schools can consider as many as 25 variables) an admission officer values in making their decisions to admit or deny.

Know if your student is above, below average or equivalent to recently admitted freshman at schools they are considering in key categories like GPA, Standardized Test Scores, Course Rigor and Activities outside the classroom.

If not, how can they improve their candidacy? What if they raised their GPA, took an AP English course instead of an honors course, volunteered for 10 hours more a month, etc., how would these changes, change their chances of admission? You will find these answers in our program.

College Match Advantage is a self-directed, self-contained program that only requires an account and access to the internet. 

Our high school is very competitive. So many of my son’s friends have been seeing private tutors and honestly that is money we do not have to spend. To feel as prepared as his friends we found StudentPrep and it turned out to be so much more than test prep.
— John C. - Tenafly, NJ Parent
I was only considering state schools until I started working with StudentPrep. I found so many more options that I haven’t even considered out of state. I also like that I can do test prep online whenever I have free time and I can spend as much time re-watching videos to be sure I understand the concepts.
— Alexis - Kentucky Student

Who is this program for? Who will get the most value from it?

This program is for all families with high school age students thinking about finding, applying and paying for their best-fit college and...

...who want to be more in control of their college search and less at the mercy of schools admission decisions.

My daughter is a junior in high school. With the help of the Fit and Match feature in StudentPrep we were able to plan her junior year schedule based on what we learned would improve her chances of admission to the colleges she had on her wish list.
— Mary N. - Baltimore, MD Parent


What you can expect from this program...

Discover your student’s realistic college choices and options and estimate your college costs before they apply.

Eliminate the guess work, stress and heartbreak of an unproductive college search.

Don't spend money on application fees or travel expenses to schools where your student has slim chances of begin admitted. 


Two ways to move forward:

Option #1: Dive in, devour all The College Match Program (COLLEGEmap) has to offer. Be in control of your college search and not at the mercy of a schools' admission decisions.

Option #2: Don't use The College Match Program (COLLEGEmap) and leave your college future in the hands of high school counselors with limited college admissions training and limited time to spend with your student. 

Of the two options, which feels like the best fit for you and your family? 


You want to do this, but...

The college admissions process can seem intimidating and complicated, but frankly, it doesn’t have to be.  Get started on the road to a successful college search with our College Match Advantage Program.

One more thing... don't let one unanswered question get in the way of your future.

If you have any questions about the program, email information@admission2college.com and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.


About admission2college

admission2college (A2C) is a private, independent college counseling practice founded in 2012, helping students discover and gain acceptance to the college or university of their choice.

Buy now and give your high school student a holiday gift experience unlike any other.