Freshman Year

Freshman year begins by setting realistic expectations about grades, choosing a level of course work that challenges your student academically, is balanced with subjects in their areas of strength, while exploring and taking part in extra-curricular school activities in and outside of school.

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Your 9th grade plan

  • Get to know your high school college counselor or sign up to work with an independent college counselor.
  • Familiarize yourself and your student with the various levels of courses offered at their high school.
  • Suggest extracurricular activities.
  • Starting talking to your student about their likes and dislikes not only in academics but their possible career interests.
  • It’s never too early for you and your student to attend college and career fairs that take place in the fall and spring..
  • If your student wants to play sports in college, research the National College Athletic Association eligibility requirements. The NCAA requires completion of certain core courses.

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