admission2college is an educational consulting practice located in Denver, Colorado. We provide comprehensive consulting services for anyone looking to begin or continue their education; for businesses to address the educational needs of their employees; for organizations looking to develop a partnership with admission2college to address the educational needs of today's workforce.

Experience Matters

As knowledgeable and trusted college experts and advisers our combined forty years of working in colleges and universities in undergraduate, graduate and professional school college admissions and financial aid has taught us a lot. We know how the admissions and financial aid processes work. We understand the needs of today's student. We know the factors that influence their success while in school and the support they need to succeed.

Our Mission Statement

Transforming lives by matching individuals with the right educational opportunities; to cultivate their knowledge and skills; to reach their personal and career goals.

How we go about fulfilling our mission:

  • Providing individualized college counseling for high school students, students looking to attend graduate or professional school and adults beginning or returning to school after years in the workforce
  • Developing partnerships with education and business organizations to address the educational needs of today's workforce
  • Developing partnerships with colleges and universities to achieve student success

Why we do what we do:
“The consequences of not completing a postsecondary education are increasingly dire. For many years, the main reason many people went to college was to gain access to better-paying jobs that allowed them to earn more throughout their lives. But earnings potential is no longer the only driver. In this economy, the issue is whether you even have a job.” Lumina Foundation Strategic Plan 2013 to 2016

Economic and social benefits of education:

  • 65% of U.S. jobs—almost two-thirds—will require some form of postsecondary education by 2020. A Decade Behind. Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, 2012


  • improves health, lowers crime rates, and yields citizens who are both globally aware and participate more in civic and democratic processes such as voting and volunteering.