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We know all about the roll coaster ride that’s called college admissions.

We are admission2college an independent college counseling practice. We don’t just work with students to complete their college applications; anyone can do that. We take the guess work out of a student’s acceptance to colleges and universities while providing parents with valuable information on the estimated real cost of attendance. 

How do we know this? 

We've worked with literally thousands of students, hundreds of colleges and universities and educational organizations nation-wide to connect students with the right schools and education programs.


Half of the battle in the college admission process is sorting through all the information on colleges, financial aid and scholarships found in the hundreds of guidebooks, magazines and websites.

At admission2college you will find knowledgeable and trusted advisers and college experts who can help you sort through the information and make informed decisions.

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Once we have helped you narrow your list of focus schools, admission2college offers a powerful new software tool that takes the guess work out of your acceptance to colleges and universities while providing parents, with valuable information on the ‘actual’ cost of attendance.

StudentPrep is a comprehensive online resource for college planning, providing transparency and information vital to your student’s college candidacy, all in one place….

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