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Dr. Stephanie Krusemark, Independent Consultant

Just like the roots of a tree or the foundation of a house, my core values direct my approach to working with adult learners for success.

  • The graduate and professional school admissions process will transform you.
    I commend you for taking this next step in your life’s journey. The path to graduate or professional school can seem daunting in comparison to your previous educational experiences. This first step that you take represents your openness to transforming yourself into a new career or a new path of intellectual accomplishment and possibility. I am  here to counsel, coach and support you to develop the skills and knowledge needed to make your journey one of transformative success.

  • Doing your homework will pay off.
    My services are designed to address your needs by working together on all aspects of the process that will equally involve research, evaluation and continuous conversation. My  goal is to bring clarity and insight into the process that will result in selecting the college or university that fits you academically, socially, geographically and financially.

  • Success requires hard work, commitment, sacrifice and passion.
    Some individuals have a clear career path that requires graduate level study while others may be seeking a career change or the opportunity to pursue something that is most passionate to them. Either way, the graduate or professional school journey will not be easy, it is a journey that will require you to adjust, adapt or change your current lifestyle and practices with time management and financial resources. Along the way and at the very beginning it is important to have a support network to help you through this life changing process.

  • Investing in a college education is worth the return if one is strategic.
    It is important to become familiar with your chosen graduate or professional program of study as well as the diversity of career paths that may result. We will guide and advise you on how to keep up to date on the latest career trajectories and growth areas. Additionally, if you are pursuing a degree of study that may require some creativity and entrepreneurship to obtain your return on investment, I can advise you  on how to connect with others who are currently engaged in the profession. In order to invest, one must be knowledgeable and astute to predict the current and future market to be ahead of the curve. I will teach you how to develop these skills now and for the future.

  • Its what you do with your degree, not where your degree comes from.
    The U. S. News World and Report college rankings are certainly the most well recognized source of information to assess a college or university’s quality. However, did you know that rankings are not based on the student experience? I will teach you how to review rankings critically. I will also teach you how to get all the facts by engaging in campus visits, classroom observations, faculty meetings, alumni conversations and more. After all, it’s up to you what you do with your degree. Be sure to make the right decision for you.

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