We know all about the rollercoaster ride called college admissions

admission2college is a private, independent college counseling practice and our sole purpose is helping your student discover and gain acceptance to the college or university of their choice.

Our comprehensive and supportive college counseling takes the tight turns and head-first nose dives out of the college admission rollercoaster ride. We open up discussions to learn about your student and to explore new ideas and thoughts on the types of schools for them to consider. We take them through the college selection and application process in a thoughtful, productive way to find schools where they will get the most out of their college experience in and outside of the classroom.

Providing advice and guidance though, is only half of the reason to work with us. You want us in your corner because of our years of experience in college admission. With our depth of knowledge and extensive experience we know what it takes to maximize your student's potential as a college applicant and increase their college options.

Our counseling services will guide you through the complexities of college selection, admissions, testing, essays, scholarships and financial aid.

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Our college counseling packages include a college planning tool, StudentPrep, that helps you eliminate the guess work in your college search and includes online SAT and ACT test prep courses. Read more about StudentPrep below.

Eliminate the Guess work in Your College planning with a StudentPrep Account

Choosing where to apply to college is, at least in part, an emotional decision and making better educated and well-informed decisions involves more than emotion. It also involves data.

Colleges have used their data for years to assess a student’s admission qualifications and determine scholarship and financial aid awards. So, what if you had the same data colleges use to make their admission decisions to use in your son or daughter’s college planning? Now you can!

With an admissions2college StudentPrep account you get access to the same data and know the likelihood of your son or daughter being admitted to a school, plus have an estimate of a school’s real costs. Before you spend money on costly campus visits and application fees doesn’t it make sense to know if your student has a shot at getting admitted and you know if you can afford the real costs? Sure, makes sense to us. We suspect it makes sense to you too.

Think of it this way. We don’t want to discourage your student from applying to a school. We want them to dream big and even take a risk or two. But we also believe in being practical and having them apply to schools that make the most sense for then academically and you financially.

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SAT & ACT Test Prep

Included in our StudentPrep college counseling package are 2 SAT and 2 ACT test prep courses powered by ePrep.

ePrep is a unique online study program that offers the benefits of expert private tutoring; a test prep solution for a busy schedule. On the go or in between school activities ePrep provides a fast, simple, effective way to prepare for the big test day.

Contrary to popular belief, there are no short-cuts, quick fixes or magic wand solutions to a high ACT and SAT score. Any student willing to put in the practice and review can significantly increase their test score. On average past students have raised their ACT scores by 2 points and SAT scores by 200 points. ePrep works!

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We want our students to dream big but, as experienced college admission counselors, we place an emphasis on assisting students and their parents in researching college options, applying to college, and making college choices that reflect the desired outcomes academically, socially, geographically and financially.

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admission2college's approach to college admission counseling comes from our sincere belief in how an education changes and influence lives. We know how the importance of selecting the right college or university to attend will lead to incredible life long opportunities.

We know that the realities of selecting a school, being admitted and paying tuition involves more than wishes and dreams. As a parent, you end up dealing head on with all the issues and concerns that come up during the college search, in the application and financial aid processes and can be confusing, stressful and downright overwhelming.

We know this because of our years of experince in college admissions and as parents. So our promise to you is we have your son or daughter’s, and your, best interests in mind as we work together.

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“Mike has a remarkable depth of knowledge from his extensive experience on both sides of the college admissions process and his guidance helped us understand the complexities of college selection, admissions, financial assistance, testing, and essays."

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