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The College Match Advantage Program

There are over 2,300 four-year colleges and universities in the United States.

Students seeking a school have to sort through a list of institutions to decide which college is right for them.

That's why we created The College Match Advantage Program (COLLEGEmap).

There are no magic formulas for applying and getting into college. The process can seem intimidating and complicated, but frankly, it doesn’t have to be.

From researching schools, filling out applications, to editing essays and filling out financial aid forms it’s important for families to have access to relevant, timely information, tips and resources. 

admission2college combines our expertise and resources with StudentPrep, providing everything you need to make well-informed decisions. Knowing your student’s realistic college choices and options and estimating your college costs before they apply only makes sense to us and we suspect it makes sense to you.

Eliminate the guess work, stress and heartbreak of an unproductive college search by signing up for our COLLEGEmap Program. 

Here are the facts:

Source: National Association For College Admission Counseling 2015 State of College Admission Report

Source: National Association For College Admission Counseling 2015 State of College Admission Report

  • Many high school college counselors, and some independent private counselors, often have limited resources, time and experience in college admissions!

  • The national average for public high schools is 436 students to 1 college counselor!

  • It has been reported that a typical student will only see their counselor for 38 minutes altogether over the course of four years in high school!

  • Only 30% of public institutions had a dedicated college advisor while 73% of private schools reported that they employed at least one counselor (full- or part-time) whose sole responsibility was to provide college counseling for students!

  • U.S. News and World Report's annual review represents the benchmark for “elite” status for the nation’s colleges and universities, and it’s critical to know that the top 50 schools in the most recent report (2017) enroll less than 4% of the nation’s undergraduate students!

    The numbers speak for themselves and that's why we've created COLLEGEmap.

Get started on the road to a successful college search with our College Match Advantage Program.