Services and Fees


The college search, application and financial aid processes have many working parts. Depending on where you are in the process, just starting out, have already visited several colleges, etc. the guidance, advice and support needed varies from student to student. After the initial meeting we will have a better idea on how best to assist you.

Below are the aspects of the college search, application and financial aid processes we will work on:       

  • How and where to begin your college search.
  • How to plan a college visit and campus tour-how to approach the campus tour, what questions to ask.

Understanding the application process:

  • Do you apply Early Decision, Early Action, Regular Admission, Open Admission, Rolling Admission-what does it all mean?
  • SAT/ACT Tests: How are they used in the application process? How many times should I take a test? Do you take both tests or just one? Which one?
  • Essay (I will advise your student on their essay but will never write it for them).
  • Recommendations: How are they used?
  • Activities: How big of a part do they play in the application process?
  • Wait List; What is it? How could it affect me?
  • The College interview: what to expect, how to prepare.

Paying for College

  • Financial Aid
  • Merit Scholarships

Athletics in college

  • How do you go about the recruitment process? 

Counseling Fees:

Undergraduate Admissions
Each student and family has different needs and our fee schedule allows for flexibility in how many hours we need to meet. Typically, we spend between 6-8 hours with students and their parents. We will work with groups of 2-3 students to reduce the fees per family. The Fee schedule is:

  • $75.00 per hour
  • 7 hours-$500.00

Unlimited hours of access to our services for one student:

  • $1,500.00

Group fees:

  • 2 students, 7 hours $800.00
  • 3 students, 7 hours $1,200.00