4 Reasons StudentPrep is included in our College Match Advantage Program


It's One of a Kind

There are no other college planning and search software tools like it.

We encourage you to look around and if you find a better one, let us know.

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It's Personalized to You

Helping you put together a personalized list of best-fit schools that match your academics, test scores and activities.

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It's an Invaluable Tool

StudentPrep is an invaluable tool for every high school student considering college.

Offering search and planning features that aren't available anywhere else.

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SAT & ACT Practice Tests

Included in StudentPrep are 4 SAT & ACT practice tests.


Be in control of your college search and not at the mercy of a schools’ admission decisions.

StudentPrep is self-directed, self-contained program that only requires an account and access to the internet.


How StudentPrep Can Help in Your College Search

Determine your realistic chances of admission to the schools you select.

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How do you match up with the current freshman class at any school you are interested in?

Can you improve your chances of admission?

What if you raised your GPA, test scores or took more rigorous courses?

How would it change your chances of admission?

StudentPrep gives you the answers.

Click here to understand how StudentPrep works

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StudentPrep calculates if a student meets a school’s admissions requirements by comparing their academic and personal information against the student profile of a school’s most recent freshman class.

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Click here to see how incredibly accurate the StudentPrep software can be in predicting your student's college acceptance rates!


How StudentPrep Can Help With College Costs by Estimating the Real Costs of Schools

StudentPrep provides parents with an estimate of a school’s real costs, taking into account any financial aid you might qualify for and allowing you to compare costs of the schools on your student's best fit list.

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Use the Net Price Calculator found in the financial aid section of a college’s website to enter your information one time, then let our planner do the work.

Compare your Estimated Real Cost of each school you’ve selected.

Don’t be surprised if the cost of a private school is less than a state school!

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No more wasted campus visits to schools where your chances of admission are slim at best or the merit scholarship and financial aid awards don't make the school affordable.

Then again, it’s your decision, so if you choose to visit at least you'll know your chances of getting in and the costs.

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No costly cross-country campus visits or spending application fees (costs that add up quickly) at schools where the chances of admission don’t exist.