admission2college is an educational consulting practice located in Denver, Colorado. We provide comprehensive education consulting services for anyone looking to begin or continue their education; for businesses to address the educational needs of their employees; for organizations looking to develop a partnership with admission2college to address the educational needs of today's workforce.

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As college counselors with years of experience working in college admission offices and advising thousands of students we have both the insight and knowledge of the college admission process, others just don’t have.

At admission2college we won’t just work with you to complete your college applications, anyone can do that. Yes, we will cover every aspect of the college search, application/essay and financial aid and scholarships. But it’s our focus on your bigger picture; helping you reach your educational goals that separates us from others. Why? because ultimately isn’t that what getting into college is all about?

Whether that’s getting your dream job, getting into graduate or professional school, we will put all of our knowledge and resources to work for you to find the right school for you. 

Our Mission

Transforming lives by matching individuals with the right educational opportunities; to cultivate their knowledge and skills; to reach their personal and career goals.

How we go about fulfilling our mission:

  • Providing individualized college counseling for high school students, students looking to attend graduate or professional school and adults beginning or returning to school after years in the workforce
  • Developing partnerships with education and business organizations to address the educational needs of today's workforce
  • Developing partnerships with colleges and universities to achieve student success


As the founder of admission2college (A2C), Mike Griffin brings over 25 years in undergraduate and graduate college admissions and financial aid to the position. He has worked and helped thousands of students and their parent over the years in the college search and application processes.

                Mike Griffin, Founder

From his early years as a college admissions counselor visiting high schools throughout the country, attending countless college recruitment fairs and reading thousands of college applications and essays, to managing and leading college admission offices and developing and implementing admission and financial policies, Mike has seen and done it all.

Mike has served as Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enrollment at the University of Denver, preceded by roles as Associate Dean of Admission and Enrollment Services as well as Director of Marketing Communications at the university. He also worked for six years at the University of Denver's School of Art and Art History as Director of Admission and Student Recruitment.  

Recently he was the Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid at the California Institute of Integral Studies, a graduate university located in San Francisco, California. 

In addition to his above positions he has worked as a consultant for the College Board gaining in-depth knowledge about the AP classes, PSAT, SAT, and testing in general and he has consulted with colleges and universities around the country assisting them on their recruitment, admissions and enrollment practices and planning.

Mike is a member of the National Association of College Admissions Counselors.

Mike earned my BA in Sociology at Colorado State University and studied in the Mass Communications graduate program at the University of Denver.