the Essay

Writing the essay or personal statement is often the most difficult and time consuming part of a college application for any student.   

While the essay is only one part of the application, after:

  • Grades--GPA
  • Strength of curriculum
  • Admission test scores

It provides insight about personal qualities and student interests; in other words, it gives a student’s application a voice. It distinguishes a student from other applicants whose academic records are similar.

A well written essay adds clarity, richness, and meaning to the information in the other parts of the application. It demonstrates characteristics and personality traits that aren’t evident in the GPA, test scores or curriculum.

“Mike was an invaluable help to our family as we navigated the college selection and admissions journey for the first time. ………… He guided our daughter through several rounds of essay revisions. When she was accepted into her top-choice school, the acceptance letter specifically mentioned her essay!”

Working on Your Essay

Suggest Essay Topics

We will brain storm with your student about topics to uncover a passion or interest that has meaning and excites them. We believe the best way to approach writing about a topic is to write without worrying about word count (most essays are limited to 500-650 words) and then cut back. It’s far easier to cut back on a topic than to write more.


Provide Writing Support for the Essay

We will help your student express their topic clearly and effectively, to demonstrate how it had an impact on them and how it helped them grow and learn. How it opened their eyes to something they wanted to learn more about.


Revise and Edit as Necessary

We will never write an essay for your student, but will work with them so it stands out. We will review and edit it, but will always make sure it stays in their voice.

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