At admission2college we understands the issues and we know that a key part of the solution to increasing educational attainment is tied to providing the relevant information and resources, through educational counseling, that people need to not only understand their educational options, but just as importantly, know how they can take advantage of them. Teaming up with business leaders, educators and policy makers we can facilitate the development and delivery of the resources and information Coloradans need so we can meet our educational attainment goal of 66% of  the state’s population holding post secondary degrees, credentials or certificates by 2025.

“The consequences of not completing a postsecondary education are increasingly dire. For many years, the main reason many people went to college was to gain access to better-paying jobs that allowed them to earn more throughout their lives. But earnings potential is no longer the only driver. In this economy, the issue is whether you even have a job.”
— Lumina Foundation Strategic Plan 2013 to 2016


Our approach to working with you is centered on what is in your best interest and focused on getting you into the college or university that maximizes your future successes. We will be straightforward and honest in determining your chances of getting into a school.

Spending the time to get to know you is the important first step. Who are you as a person? What are your academic qualifications, your expectations, hopes and dreams, likes and dislikes? What are your interests, skills and values?

Our approach is guided by 3 themes:

  • There is no standard cookie-cutter playbook to follow in the college search, application and financial aid processes.
  • As a time of self-discovery, you need to be given the time and space to explore all your options on choosing a school, and you can change your mind once, twice or more!
  • We won’t ever forget this is really all about you!

It’s important that you take ownership of the search and application processes because you are going to live the college experience, not us, not your parents, not your friends. Our experience tells us that when the choice of where you go to school is yours, you are far more likely to have an incredible college experience. And that’s what we want for you, an incredible college experience.