A Message to Parents

Diverse International Students Celebrating Graduation

Our approach to college admission counseling comes our sincere belief in how an education changes and influence lives. We've seen firsthand many times over the incredible opportunities it opens up for someone who takes full advantage of their education. 

The college search process begins a time of self-discovery for your son or daughter and the choices they made will be felt throughout their lifetime. From their salary and lifetime earnings, to building a lifestyle that they want, the right education for them is the key.

We know your son or daughter will have multiple jobs over their lifetime. Yet knowing what those future jobs and careers will look like is anyone's guess. What we do know is that one’s ability to think and reason critically, to find and analyze data, to draw conclusions and make arguments, to express themselves individually and/or as part of a group are vital to their job prospects.  Finding the right school for them that will provide them with these skills and abilities they need, giving them a competitive advantage in the job market.

We strongly support your role. Your involvement and support are important and obviously you will be invested both emotionally and financially. But moms and dads listen up: students who said their parents strongly influenced their college choice are more likely to be dissatisfied in their chosen school. That said, we will always encourage your involvement at the appropriate times, but other times we may suggest that you take a step back.