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“Perhaps the clearest evidence about the need to increase higher education attainment comes from the fact that employers cannot find people with the skills they need to fill all of their current job openings, much less those that will be created in the future.” Lumina Foundation Strategic Plan 2013 to 2016

In Colorado alone the number of Coloradans aged 25-34 who hold high quality postsecondary degrees, credentials or certificates must increase from 46% to 66% by 2025. On a national scale the increase in Americans with a high quality degree, credential or certificate must increase to 67% by 2025 from 47% today.

At issue is the growing concern that without this increase in high quality postsecondary degrees, credentials or certificates beyond a high school diploma is the stagnating impact the lack of increased education and training will have on the US economy and the loss of career and lifetime earnings opportunities for Americans.

At admission2college we understands the issues and we know that a key part of the solution to increasing educational attainment is tied to providing the relevant information and resources, through educational counseling, that people need to not only understand their educational options, but just as importantly, know how they can take advantage of them. Teaming up with business leaders, educators and policy makers we can facilitate the development and delivery of the resources and information Coloradans need so we can meet our educational attainment goal of 66% of  the state’s population holding postsecondary degrees, credentials or certificates by 2025.

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