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There is no quick and easy way to narrow down the list of over 1600 4-year private and public colleges to the 1-10 schools your son or daughter applies to and then finally to the 1 they decide to attend.

But there is a more efficient way to arrive at the right fit school both academically and financially by utilizing the college counseling expertise of admisson2college combined with the powerful StudentPrep software platform.

We can never minimize the importance of quality, informed college counseling that we offer at admission2college because we’ve seen the results time and time again result in happy successful students at the schools they attend.

That said, we also recognize that the power of a software tool like StudentPrep that can play a valuable role in the college search and financial aid processes, providing students and parents with invaluable information when making one of, if not the most, important decisions they will ever make.   

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Working with the team at StudentPrep we provide highly accurate information on the likelihood of admission to every school a student is interested in applying to. For the parent, we can determine realistic levels of financial and merit aid monies that will be offered by the schools they are interested in, in an easy to read format that compares the actual cost of attendance among all the schools

Photo by kafl/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by kafl/iStock / Getty Images

No more wasted costly cross country visits to schools that your student has little or no chance of being admitted to. No more wasted time filling our applications, or spending application fees for that matter, by sending applications to schools where the chances of admission are slim at best or the chances of being awarded enough scholarship and financial aid to make the school affordable are nonexistent.

Combining our extensive college counseling experience in the application and financial aid/scholarship processes with StudentPrep’s Fit & Match and Cost & Aid algorithms we take 75% of the guess work out of the admissions acceptance and financial aid awarding processes allowing your student and you the luxury of putting your valuable time and energy where it really matters; selecting the school that fits them academically and you financially.