Why Private College Counseling? Why Us?

Male Mature Student Studying In Classroom With Books

Half of the battle in the college admission process or finding the right education program to attend is sorting through all the information found in the hundreds of guidebooks, magazines with rankings and college websites. Information on financial aid and scholarships is also available on numerous websites and bookstore shelves.

But finding the right information is only a start. Working with knowledgeable and trusted advisers and college experts who can help you sort through the information and help you make sound decisions is the next step. That’s where admission2college steps in.

So why private college counseling? and why us?  Because working for you is our sole purpose, helping you find the right school or educational opportunity. Our years of experience working in colleges and universities give us a unique perspective and understanding that can’t be duplicated if you haven’t worked in them. We know the keys to successfully finding the right school or program, and just as importantly we know the keys to you successfully completing your degree or program. Because isn’t that really what’s it’s all about?

So whether you are a high school student beginning your college search or someone who has been in the workforce and are returning to school or attending for the first time since high school we have the experience and resources you need to find the right college or education program to attend.  

We’ve run college admissions offices and know the thinking that goes on behind the closed doors. We’ve developed and implemented admissions and financial aid policies so we know what college admissions committees are looking for in applicants.

Our connections throughout college admissions and education organizations enable us to stay on top of the latest developments in the ever-changing college admissions landscape. The upside is we bring what websites and guidebooks can't; access to all our resources and expertise as we advise, guide and assist you throughout you college or program search, application, financial aid and scholarships processes.