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End Your Uncertainty About the College Admission Process!

There’s no shortage of information or resources for students and families while making one of life’s most important decisions, applying to college.

College admissions experts are everywhere, offering suggestions and comments on how to become the applicant that sticks out.

Throw in the anecdotal information you hear from other students and parents and you end up with information overload and an overwhelming feeling of uncertainty about how to go about selecting and applying to your colleges of choice.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

Our trusted and seasoned college admission experts know the college admission process inside and out. Our workshop will calm your uncertainty and you will leave knowing your best-fit schools and with a college application and essay that will boost your chances of admission.



  • Day 1:
    • Self-Reflection Exercises
    • StudentPrep Demo
    • Things to consider in your college search
    • Work on College Search
    • Discussion: How a college reviews your application
    • College Essay Prep
    • Common Application account set-up & walk-thru
  • Day 2:
    • Q&A: College, Common Application, Essays, StudentPrep, etc.
    • Discussion: Avoiding common pitfalls
    • Work on StudentPrep, College Search, Common App, & Essay


  • STUDENTPREP Software a $349 value

    • A 1-year subscription to our unique StudentPrep software where you will build your list of best-fit schools by comparing your high school academic and activities profiles to the most recently admitted freshman at schools you’ve select, knowing your chances of admission to each school and any estimated financial aid awards you might receive. Learn more about StudentPrep here. 

  • 2 SAT & 2 ACT online, full length, self-paced practice tests

  • A copy of our eBook, The Process: The College Match Advantage Insider’ Guide to College Admissions

  • One-on-one college counseling sessions and advice and assistance on your college essays at a discounted hourly rate

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Our Team

Stephanie Santillo
Mike Griffin

Stephanie and Mike have a combined 50+years of experience in college admission. Their expertise provides the advice, guidance and support that’s so important for students and families trying to understand and navigate the college admission process.

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Mike Griffin


Founder of admisson2college


admission2college, is a college counseling practice in Denver, CO. Mike has over 25 years of experience in college admission...

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Stephanie PictureLargeCropped.jpg

Stephanie Santillo, M.S. Ed.


Stephanie spent the first five years of her career working in selective college admissions, both at the University of Pennsylvania (Ivy League) and at Ursinus College (CTCL school)...

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