The college counseling and planning needs of our students and their families vary. To meet your needs, we offer the following:

  • College Match Program: Our all-inclusive program comes with a StudentPrep account and unlimited access to our college counseling services.

  • StudentPrep: You are only purchasing a StudentPrep account.

  • Admission Counseling: You can use our college counseling services on an hourly fee.

 A free 30-minute initial consultation is available before your purchase.

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 admission counseling

Our hourly fee structure gives you flexibility in how many hours we work together. We typically spend 6-8 hours working with students and their parents.  Click here to review the counseling details.

Individual @$125.00/Hour

We will work with groups of 2-3 students to reduce the fees per family

Group @$75.00/Hour per Family

If you choose to sign up for StudentPrep

Price: $375.00 for one year.

(Each additional year @$275.00/12-month subscription)

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The StudentPrep software offers you unique insights into the college admission process, helping you navigate the process and maximize your student’s potential as a college applicant.

For parents StudentPrep will estimate if your student might qualify for merit and need based financial aid.

It’s the perfect tool if you choose to work alone with your student and supplements the information found in college guidebooks, websites or other materials you use in your college search and selection. It's a valuable resource that compliments working with your high school college counselor or one of our college coaches.


Account Includes:

  • SAT & ACT test prep courses
  • STUDENTPREP Users Guide

Price: $375.00 for one year.

(Each additional year @$275.00/12-month subscription)

If you choose to utilize our admission2college counseling services the fee is


Click here to review the StudentPrep features.

When Registering Use the Code A2C to Receive the admission2college price of $375.

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College Match

Our all-inclusive program includes:

  • Unlimited access to admission2college counseling services; either in person (Denver Metro Area only) or correspondence by email, text, Skype, phone.

  • A StudentPrep Account

  • 2 SAT & 2 ACT test prep courses included in your StudentPrep Account


Price: $1199 for 12 months

          $2399 for 24 months

Program Details